• It's in my name.

    It's in my soul.


1. Words written with passion and purpose. Not to fill 30″, but to maximize. Less is more.

2. Employ the right voice, demand the right delivery.

3. Write dialogue that engages. Natural, believable copy that is performed, not read.

4. Write jingle lyrics with rhyme. And reason.

5. Create music with an infectious melody, and serious hook (or uppercut as required).

6. Build bed-tracks with real players.

7. There is no such thing as hard sell or soft sell. Only smart sell.

8. There is nothing more phony than a phony testimonial.

9. A commercial for a live sports event should sound “live”.

10. Bigger budgets don’t necessarily mean bigger results.

  • Jingles

    It's advertising's forgotten art form. Forgotten elsewhere. Still perfected here.

  • Dialogue commercials

    Make 'em fun, make 'em believable....or simply ...don't make 'em!

  • Original theme songs

    When you're looking for an anthem that people just can't get out of their mind...

  • Announcer-driven

    It's all about the right voice. And the perfect delivery. Settle for nothing less.


Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Moose Jaw

Scotties Tournament of Hearts – Moose Jaw

Re-created a group therapy session to reveal one participant’s deepest addiction.  

Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings – Winnipeg

Tim Hortons Roar of the Rings – Winnipeg

A straight-ahead single announcer spot, geared to appeal to the sports fan who is motivated […]



This campaign for a lone, independent autobody shop, located off the beaten path in Winnipeg’s […]



A beautiful new store, featuring Winnipeg’s most dazzling selection of marble, granite and tile, called […]

Architect of Words, Wordmarks and Word Pictures

  • Rod Palson Creative Director/Leader of the Brand

    What’s in a name?  Now you know.

    Welcome to RODio.

    I wrote my first radio commercial, professionally, in 1973.  Since that day, there has not been a significant passage of time when I haven’t been labouring with love over a commercial script of some nature.  And now, after devoting the past twenty years to sports marketing, I’m re-entering the fray of mainstream advertising.  My goal is to connect with like-minded people (advertisers and/or agency folks) who are in search of a return to the good old fashioned approach to copywriting for radio, tv and other.  It really seems to have gone missing.  And I am on a mission to bring it back.  If your needs also include visual or branding, I work seamlessly with brilliant concept designers who definitely think “big picture”.  In other words, this is your one stop shop.

    People ask me…”so, who is your customer?”  My response …”an advertiser who is interested in making an investment in creative product, as a means of getting more bang for their media buck”…(without paying for the huge overhead of a full service agency).

    It’s a pretty simple formula.   But only after you’ve made the first fundamental decision to invest some budget in a creative product you are proud to call your own…before you put it out there in the mainstream.

    Then the payback begins.



  • “In House Strategies and its principle, Rod Palson, were contracted by the Canadian Curling Association from 1998 until 2014 to handle and coordinate all aspects of event ticket marketing.

    Rod and his group provided the organization with exceptional creative services and coordination of all aspects of our advertising activities for 16 years. They are consummate professionals who know their business well.

    Warren Hansen, Director of Event Operations, Canadian Curling Association – 1986 – 2015”
  • In House Strategies provided Curling Canada event marketing management services for nearly 20 years. Rod Palson brings a great deal of experience and most importantly, a sincere passion for the creative work he and his team of experienced designers and suppliers produce. Rod loves to work and it shows through in the  passion he demonstrates for his clients’ products, and in helping drive their sales. You can rely on him for an honest opinion and to work hard to get the job done!

    Andy Henry, Manager – Marketing and Tickets
  • In House Strategies is a driving force behind the success of our hosting two World Financial Group Continental Cup of Curling events in Las Vegas over three years.  Rod Palson’s creative and unique ability to design marketing plans that are comprehensive in scope, yet simple to implement is a perfect match for our company’s mission to stage elite sports competitions that provide participants and attendees with a wonderful memorable experience.  Rod is backed by a team of talented professionals who provide the highest quality of all marketing media materials.  Speaking for our organization and stakeholders, In Rod we trust!”.

    Jon Killoran, CEO
  • I am delighted to have the chance to recommend Mr. Rod Palson for almost any creative and production assignment. Rod was a partner of mine in Palmer Jarvis Advertising prior to selling our company to Omnicom becoming DDB Canada.

    Rod was in charge of all of our creative product in our Winnipeg office as well as on the Palmer Jarvis Creative Board for all of our offices at that time in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.

    He worked alongside with me in planning and developing strategies for some of Canada’s best and well known companies. He had always been very responsible and professional and that was reflected in the final creative product.

    Rod also played an important role in the company, as he personally contributed greatly to the expansion and promotion of our company’s product and image.

    He is very responsible and professional and I can highly recommend his services.

    Frank Palmer, Chairman & CEO
  • Rod has a passion for creative, always striving for that conceptually brilliant idea. A very talented writer, he places as much emphasis on sound designs as he does the visual image. Through our long association, we have produced a wide array of award winning TV commercials. Clients include Western Canada Lotteries, General Motors and most recently the Canadian Curling Association. Rod never loses sight of the end product and pushes the process to get there.

    Hans J. Dys, President