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Curling in Las Vegas?

Many said it could never happen.  Then along came the WFG Continental Cup in 2014.  And all that happened was the largest attendance ever for the Continental Cup, and the second largest attendance for a curling event in United States history.  The naysayers were right.  WRONG!

Then along came 2016 and this Continental Cup would go on to shatter the 2014 attendance number by a mere 10,000, making it the largest attendance ever for a curling event in the US.

Shortly after the event was over, the Organizing Committee was pressed into duty once again, as the request was made for the event to come back to the Orleans Arena in 2017.  Ticket-buyer response was immense…and immediate.  Nearly 1100 rooms at the host Orleans Hotel and Casino were sold in less than 2 weeks, and continued at a steady pace for the ensuing months to become second only to the 2016 event for US and Continental Cup attendance.

So how do you keep fans engaged…the same way, every day? With The Morning Cup – under the editorial direction of In House Strategies/Rod Palson – this 8 page publication was put in the fans’ hands the moment they walked through the turnstiles, keeping them informed and entertained with the event that was evolving around them.  And with advertising being proprietary to official event partners, it was a sponsor fulfillment gem for event organizers.

Special acknowledgement to the crew:  Art Director, Dave Ambroz; Columnist, Colin Kelly; Printer, Creel Printing.

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