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For the past two decades, my work has been almost exclusively devoted to the sport of curling.   A bigger challenge than one might think, because the sport is only BIG to a very SMALL part of the population.  So, every year…every market we went into, we were on a mission to begin appealing to new and younger ticket buyers…to get off the couch and come LIVE IT LIVE!  Below are just a few samples of TV spots and promotional videos that have been successful in bringing LIVE curling to the attention of a larger chunk of the North American sports market.

Prior to going full time with curling, I had the privilege of creating a series of two presentations on behalf of the Bid committee for the 1999 Pan American games.  A video recap of the road to both of those incredible bids is also included here.   Talk about a trip down memory lane!

Speaking of memory lane, check out some of the classic spots under the umbrella of “Golden Oldies” below.

If there’s one underlying theme here, it would be that I usually found a way to make the final product look bigger and better than the budget that was assigned to it.