The whole RODIO idea is a name I came up with in 1999, but got so busy with the curling portfolio, it had to go on the back-burner.  Now it’s front and centre.  In some respects, that’s a good thing as it has allowed me to quietly go about perfecting a style of radio creative that is unique – one that borrows from the past when radio commercials were in the business of entertaining, and jingles were king!

Since that day in February, 1973, when I wrote my first “professional” radio commercial at CFRW, hardly a day has passed when I haven’t written a spot or two or three – if not on paper, certainly in my head.  After 40 plus years, that’s a lot of commercials.

And there’s more where those came from!

I find that the more I listen to radio these days, I keep asking myself…”where have all the copywriters gone?”  And that tells me there is still a niche out there for my kind of thinking.

If you are an advertiser looking for a competitive edge in your radio ads, or looking to rediscover the power of a good, old fashioned jingle, we’re already on the same wavelength.

The samples herein should speak for themselves.  (Simply click on the “Rodio” button in the header at the top of the home page)